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Morning adventures...

When I got up this morning, I decided it would be cool to watch the sunrise from the Ocracoke ferry. So, I grabbed some coffee and headed off to Hatteras Marina to catch the 7am ferry.

First in line!

After a brief wait, it was onto the ferry - I was cozy and warm inside Jake the Jeep as I had my fleecy blanket and fresh hot coffee (with the engine switched off, it cooled down pretty quickly!).

Hatteras Village Dawn

What an incredible way to start my day - the gentle hum of the boat's engines and the rocking movement as we glide over the waves, with the sun up, my mind clears and suddenly there are endless ideas and possibilities floating around in my head....time for me to write...😊

This was to be a super quick visit to Ocracoke, as I had to get back to Hatteras to help JB with more planned work around the Inn. I did take the time to drive up to the Pony Pens to watch the Ocracoke wild ponies eat their breakfast (I must remember to "adopt a pony at, then up to the village to see the lighthouse, before heading back for the return ferry.

Once again, I had a magical hour on the ferry, where I was able to drink more coffee, take photos and write, before beginning another great day at the Inn....Loving my Atlantic Inn Life 💗

Rush hour....Hatteras style!

Take care of yourself,



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