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Sunshine On My Mind....

"Smell the Sea and feel the Sky, let your Soul and Spirit Fly" - Van Morrison

JB, Bailey, Bodie, Pumpkin and I are so looking forward to a fantastic 2022 here at the "Atlantic Inn" - so thought we would share our enthusiasm by offering you all a 10% Discount on your summer stay (Jun1st-Sept 30th), if you book before Feb 28th, 2022.

It's simple, all you have to do is enter Early10 in the promo code field when booking online and your discount will be instantly applied. If you have any issues booking your reservation, please call us on 252-986-2700 or e-mail us at

Sitting here writing this blog, it's hard to believe that just 12 short months ago we were in the throes of renovating the inn, wondering what on earth were we thinking when we had decided to take on the mammoth task of renovating and restoring this century-old building….apart from the fact that we love Hatteras and it’s people…. and......had fallen head over heels in love with our beautiful, if a little jaded, historic inn.

We made so many incredible memories in 2021 here at the Atlantic Inn in Hatteras - from opening the doors of the inn we had spent so much time and love (not to mention money😊) restoring to its former meeting so many wonderful guests that quickly became friends. Not only had we survived our first ever summer season...we actually thrived!!!! JB and I had so much fun taking on our new roles as innkeepers, a far cry from our previous careers in healthcare and clinical research leadership.

After opening in May, the summer came fast and furious…..quite the steep learning curve for us, with little to no experience in the hospitality industry. But, everyday we got a little better and a little wiser - no more falling over each other in the kitchen (well....almost!)

We had the absolute best guests we could ever have hoped for, many of them now good friends, that we are looking forward to welcoming back this year. In fact throughout the season, I maintained that I'd loved to have back about 96% of our guests.....and that percentage never dropped 😊

As it is super quiet at this time of year, we decided to close for a few weeks - take some time out for ourselves, and work on a few new projects around the inn (one of which I'm super excited to see underway....more details to follow in future blogs😉).

For now, it's time to start thinking about those wonderful spring and summer days again.....Beach-time, Porch-time, Island Time.....Atlantic Time 💗

Here are a few reminders....

JB, Bailey, Bodie, Pumpkin and I are so looking forward to spending time with our old friends.....and making some new ones this year - Come visit with us 💗

Looking forward to seeing you soon at

The Atlantic Inn 😊

Love and Hugs,


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11. Jan. 2022

I just love what you've done at The Atlantic Inn. What a beautiful place to live and you get to meet so many people and give them a wonderful holiday at your home and ocean. Fantastic!

jan burris

Gefällt mir
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