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 As a bit of an introduction.... our names are Pamela and John Buchholz (Pam and JB).

JB pics.jpg

Pam is originally from a small beach town in Scotland called Ayr, and has spent the past 25 years as a cardiac physiologist, operational leader, and coach ( My Atlantic Life Coaching), in healthcare and clinical research. JB is originally from a tiny farming town in Nebraska called Ayr - Yes, we were both born in the town of Ayr, although in different continents, 5000 miles apart :o) JB's career has also been in healthcare and clinical research operational leadership, spanning over 30 years.

Ayr, Scotland
Ayr, Nebraska

Over the years, we have both traveled extensively all over the world with our careers and on vacation, staying in all types of overnight accommodation, from bare, dusty hostels in Bulgaria to $1000+/night lavish suites in Dubai. and everything in between. During those stays we developed a keen sense of what our "ideal" overnight accommodation was - the size of the establishment, essentials required in guest rooms, furnishings, comfort, services offered, ambience and the little added extras that we enjoyed. Occasionally we would talk about opening our own inn and providing a unique, comfortable, and cozy environment for guests to stay and experience, but it was more of a daydream than anything else!

That was until, one rather chilly, dark January evening, I was looking at some real estate websites, checking out beach properties and how we could possibly relocate to the beach (JB should never leave me alone with my laptop when I have time to "just look", it usually leads to mischief or an adventure!), when I came across "The Seaside Inn" - An historic inn built in 1928, the first hotel to be built on Hatteras Island on the Outer Banks.....and that was the start of our new adventure...and our new Atlantic lives in Hatteras

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