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Whispers of Serenity: the 2024 Call of The Atlantic Inn

As the spring breeze carries the salty scent of the Atlantic Ocean and the sun lingers a little longer in the sky each evening, we know it's time once again to welcome our friends and guests back to The Atlantic Inn for a new season. There's been a special energy in the air this year as we have prepared to open our doors and embark on another incredible Atlantic year of memory making, sun, sand, sea, and relaxation (well the relaxation bit is definitely more for our guests and friends, than us 😄) 

If you follow our blog, you'll know that this winter, we had a crazy schedule, with some much-needed trips planned to both Scotland and Nebraska to visit with family, and some additional stays in Iceland, Florida, the North Carolina mountains, and several other stops along the way.

Winter Adventures

So, with less time than in past years, we set about our new season opening preparation work in February with gusto….


And the doors are now open

Welcome to the 2024 Season at Atlantic Inn


As always, The "Atlantic" remains an inviting oasis from the stresses of everyday life - a place to slow down, breathe deeply, and remember what really matters in life. Whether you spend your days lazing on the beach, exploring the island's rich history, having an adventure, or simply savoring a good book on the front porch, our aim is to make you feel completely at ease and taken care of. 

One of the things that JB and I particularly love when the inn is open, is the daily laughter and conversation that float through the air, as guests and friends share stories and ideas/suggestions for dinner plans, fun trips, the best shelling beaches etc. forging connections that may last way beyond their vacations. These spontaneous moments of community between perfect strangers that just happen to be having breakfast at the same time in the morning, sipping their coffee whilst watching the enigma that is Hatteras from our front porch, or relaxing with a glass of wine on the Courtyard Deck at night, their paths cross and friendships are born. 

Now that we're open, JB is back in his "happy place" - the kitchen, creating culinary breakfast delights, featuring most of our favorites - plus a few new additions for you to try, that he perfected over our winter break. There's a new toasted sourdough breakfast sandwich, that's super yummy (John is now baking our own fresh bread), Breakfast Pizza, Waffles and home baked Apple Spiced Muffins to name just a few! Of course, favorites like the "Atlantic Croissant" (Ham + Fried Egg + melted Colby Jack Cheese on a warmed butter croissant), JB's Homemade Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, and "French Toast Friday" will be making regular appearances! Along with freshly baked Danish pastries, lemon loaf, blueberry loaf, monkey bread, chocolate cookies and lots more, there should always be something tasty available for breakfast.


Freshly-Baked Bread

An old favorite - Ham, Eggs and Hash Browns

"The Atlantic Croissant"

JB's Lemon and Sour Cream Waffle... Sausages and Home Fries

JB's Blueberry Loaf

In my last blog I hinted at our latest big project, and I have to say that this has been one of my favorites to date! 

Having had crazy, busy, stressful careers before we moved to Hatteras (that I absolutely loved, but as you know the more successful you become, the more responsibilities and stress generally come with the positions you attain), John has always used exercise as his means of stress release, for me finding a place of Serenity has been critical to my sanity during stressful times…..a place where I can escape to, where I can be on my own, quieten my maelstrom mind, and just be in the present. For those that have followed my personal blog, you know how I like to “Find my Space”, where I can have a little “me time”, over the years I have become rather adept at creating these spaces both inside and outside. 

When we bought the inn, both John and I were looking to make a complete life change, away from our previous hectic corporate and academic healthcare worlds, and we thought that Hatteras Island was exactly the best place to do that, and boy, were we right! One of our main aims on renovating and restoring the inn was that we would create a place of tranquility and relaxation for others also seeking an oasis of calmness - with comfortable spaces where you can enjoy the company of fellow travelers, or for those seeking that special peacefulness that only comes from enjoying your own company with a good book, to write that letter that you’ve been meaning to send an old friend, to play a game of solitaire, or to just sit and ponder…… there are some super cozy spots around the inn, like in the library lounge or on one of the many decks. Friends and guests often speak of that feeling of total relaxation and serenity that they find here at the "Atlantic"…. I think we achieved our initial aim. 

A couple of our familiar cozy spots at the "Atlantic"

Our big question was - How do you make the Atlantic Inn even more serene and relaxing? 

Welcome to "The Sanctuary"... 💕

Creating "The Sanctuary" was truly a joint effort, although I have to give most of the credit to JB's hard work and incredible craftsmanship. I had a clear vision for the space, but it was John who transformed what was once an oddly-shaped workshop into the serene oasis it is today. 

When we bought the inn, one of the suites that we chose not to renovate initially was called the "Royal Honeymoon Suite" - It was on the 2nd floor, tucked away in a corner, off what was to become the library lounge, and just happened to be directly over the kitchen....our large commercial kitchen that we begin using every morning at 6am, to prep for breakfast. With an eight-burner stove and large grill top, we obviously have a huge (and extremely noisy), commercial vent hood - just what you would want to hear in the early hours of the morning in the "Honeymoon Suite"!!!

The L-shape suite was in an awful condition with a section of white picket fence as a headboard....and a large, stained corner jacuzzi bath open to the bedroom, with a shower attached to the drywall (no tilework to protect the walls!). So, we decided that JB would use the space as a large workshop and storeroom for power-tools etc. during our major renovation work, and affectionately became known as the "War Room".

We weren't quite sure what to do with the space, we just knew that it couldn't be a guest bedroom because of the potential morning noise. Hmmm, what to do???

Well, the room had some great attributes - It was bright and airy, with several windows spread over two walls, the L-shape was conducive to having three separate defined areas, is positioned in a "hidden" corner of the library lounge, and after 10am (when guest breakfasts finish) is one of the quietest areas in the inn. An idea began dancing around in my head 🥰....."The Sanctuary"

The renovation involved clearing the rooms, taking out the huge bath, vanity unit and toilet, adding a new tiled walk-in shower, toilet, vanity/changing room, as well as framing windows, painting ceilings and walls, new flooring and lighting (All credit for this goes to my awesome hubby JB 💕). One of my favorite features is the "Wavy Wall" that JB created in coastal's so beautiful!

We went from this....

Once the renovation work was completed, it was time for me to begin bringing my vision to life using all the elements I had curated, to help make this space truly a Zen-like retreat.

(PS. the potato chips were snacks for JB and me, not for the Sanctuary!)

To this...💕

Picture yourself stepping into a room filled with soft, natural light, your eyes drawn to the feature “wavy” wall which is painted in soothing beach shades of delicate blues and greens, coordinating colors flowing throughout the rest of the suite. Sink into the cozy reclining chair, put your feet up, and let your stresses melt away. Whether you want to unroll a yoga mat and flow through a few sun salutations, sit in quiet meditation, or simply close your eyes and listen to the gentle trickle of the water feature, this space is designed to support your relaxation and renewal. We've provided all the amenities you might need - yoga props, a flat screen TV with access to meditation channels on YouTube, water cooler, toiletries and towels, and even a few luxurious face mask packs for when you want to treat yourself to a mini spa moment. One of my favorite touches is the stack of soft cotton quilt throws always available....there's just something so awesome about wrapping yourself up in a cocoon of coziness, don’t you think? 



And Unwind...

I love my little water feature

For the ultimate indulgence, book a massage treatment with the exceptional Elizabeth Mayle, owner of Elm Bodywork, who can work her magic right in the serene atmosphere of “The Sanctuary”. Sometimes, the deepest relaxation can come from surrendering to the skilled hands of a gifted therapist.

Imagine settling onto the comfortable massage table, inhaling the soothing scent of essential oils, and feeling the stresses of everyday life melt away with Elizabeth's intuitive touch and personalized approach which ensures that each massage is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Her expertise, combined with the tranquil ambiance of “The Sanctuary”, creates an unparalleled experience of relaxation and restoration. 

Treat yourself to this blissful escape during your stay at The Atlantic Inn. Visit "Elm Bodywork's" website at to explore the range of massage services available, pricing, and appointment scheduling, just mention that you would like your massage appointment at "The Sanctuary at the Atlantic Inn". Your body, mind and soul will thank you for this gift of pure indulgence and self-care. 


During your stay, you can also treat yourself to a transformative private yoga session with Mary Taylor, the awesomely talented owner of Dare to Yoga. Whether you choose to practice in the tranquil “Sanctuary”, on one of our sun-kissed decks, or right on the beach with the soothing sounds of the ocean as your backdrop, Mary will guide you through an experience personalized just for you. 

Imagine flowing through a sequence as the sun rises over the Atlantic, or unwinding with a restorative practice as the day draws to a close. With Mary's expert guidance and the breathtaking beauty of Hatteras Island surrounding you, you'll find yourself connecting deeply with your breath, body, and environment. 

A private yoga session is a gift to yourself - an opportunity to quiet the mind, release tension, and cultivate inner peace. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to yoga, Mary will meet you where you are, ensuring that your practice is both challenging and nourishing. 

Give yourself this transformative experience during your stay at The Atlantic Inn. Visit "Dare to Yoga" at and mention "The Sanctuary" at the Atlantic Inn to schedule your private session, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you! 


Our hope is that "The Sanctuary" will be a restful haven - a place to press pause, reconnect with yourself, and find a sense of deep peace and wellbeing. Whether you come for a yoga practice, a massage, a meditation session, to read a book, to write, or simply to sit in stillness, know that “The Sanctuary” is here to support you. 

So, why not come to "The Sanctuary” at the Atlantic, step in, close the door, take a deep breath, and allow yourself to enjoy just being in the moment. 


Your Sanctuary awaits” ….   

As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, JB and I find ourselves reflecting on the essence of what makes The Atlantic Inn more than just a destination, but a home away from home. It’s not merely the beauty of our surroundings, the tranquility of "The Sanctuary", the magical dreams you have in our comfy beds, or even the great breakfasts, that define our inn. It’s the heart-to-heart connections, the shared stories at the breakfast table, and the silent moments of reflection, that truly encapsulate the spirit of this special place. 

Sunset view from the grounds of "The Atlantic"

Running The Atlantic Inn is so much more than just a business for us - it's a labor of love, a way of life, and an ongoing adventure. Every day brings new challenges, new delights, and new opportunities to meet the incredible people who choose to stay with us. 

This season, as we once more open our doors and hearts, we invite you to experience not just a getaway, but a return to what matters most. A return to laughter without a care, to rest without haste, and to explorations that feed the soul. At The Atlantic Inn, every corner, every meal, and every interaction is an invitation to embrace the joy of the present, the serenity of nature, and the warmth of companionship. 

JB and I await your return, or your very first discovery of The Atlantic Inn, and we promise not just to be hosts, but friends on this journey. As you step through our doors, let the worries of the world fall away, and allow yourself to be enveloped in the embrace of The Atlantic Inn’s timeless charm. 

So come visit with us.... where the ocean breeze carries whispers of salt and serenity, where the laughter of new friends echoes through the halls, and where the stresses of everyday life melt away like footprints in the sand. We can't wait to welcome you to our little slice of paradise, a place where you’re not just guests, but part of our ever-growing family of friends.  

Our doors are open, and the rocking chairs are waiting...

Or maybe you'd prefer a lounger on the Courtyard Deck 😉

For now, I'm off to take a time out - I've booked myself a couple of hours in "The Sanctuary"

...A yoga session, some meditation, and then whilst I feel rejuvenated and inspired, I'll write for a little while (I'm working on something special 🤫).

Hope to see you soon!

Take Care,

Love and Hugs,

Pam & JB 💕


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Claudia Hurd
Claudia Hurd

It sounds so wonderful! Another dream coming true for you and JB through your hard work, and imagination and love for your Atlantic Inn💕


Love absolutely everything about the Inn. Also the inviting choices for breakfast from J.B. and his renovation talents. Pam, you are such an active, inspiring woman, with a wealth of creative talents, especially writing. Of course you both have so many talents or the Inn would not be the dream, away from home success it has become. I have followed it all from your very first blog and introduction to your vision and plans. My mission is a realization of a visit in the near future. Many thanks for your outpouring effort for establishing such a beautiful, comfortable and peaceful Atlantic Inn. Peace, Joy and Love!


Heading over to Ocracoke in June. Will come for a visit. Love that your vision for the serenity space has been realized… love it!!!


Joan Lajara
Joan Lajara

Sooo awesome! Something everyone needs. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful season!


Debi Damas
Debi Damas

Wow! What an amazing space you have created to enhance the experience you have created at the Inn. Here's to a successful season of friends, peace, and joy!

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