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Atlantic Inn Adventures...

It's a just needs sprucing up.... a new coat of paint should do it.... just a good cleaning is all it needs.... a little TLC and it'll be as good as new....they said 😁

Have you ever seen the movie the “Money Pit” with Tom Hanks? Well at times we have thought we may be living that movie for real :o)

So.....6 months into the renovation, we can absolutely confirm that it wasn't just a coat of paint and some good cleaning that would have the Inn looking great - it was a complete overhaul, a bit of a mammoth renovation! Construction, woodwork, plumbing, roofing, electrical, AC/heat, windows, replacement floors, bathrooms, you name it, we've had to repair or renew it.

In many instances, we did have a choice - we could cover up or hide the problem and hope it stayed hidden from guests’ views...or we could strip it back and repair or replace. Over the years, I think the poor Inn has had a multitude of issues either ignored or covered up and hidden, which only led to more and bigger problems. So, we decided to actually deal with the issues head on (although I'm not so sure our bank manager liked this idea :o). We wanted to invest in the Inn and our future life here, even if it meant some short-term sacrifices on our part, we truly want the Inn restored to its former glory.

Original Postcard

It could be really easy to be consumed by all the work around the Inn, but JB and I have made a concerted effort to break away every now and again, and to take some well-earned downtime - to relax and have fun exploring our new island environment.

Spending time experiencing the awesome, sandy beaches on foot and in Jake the Jeep :o), paddle-boarding in the Sound, sampling delicious food in the many restaurants we have nearby (especially the seafood, the freshest and best, I've ever tasted), taking the free ferry to Ocracoke to visit the lighthouse and the rather awesome brewery/pub, before watching the sunset, from the ferry back to Hatteras. Checking out the Cape Hatteras lighthouse (the tallest lighthouse in the US), and the many galleries and artisan shops in the area, trips to Nags Head, historic Manteo, the fishing town of Wanchese (home of Wicked Tuna Outer Banks), Kittyhawk, Corolla, Duck and so much more.

Just Having Fun...

And other times - just grabbing a cold beer, glass of wine or warm latte (dependent on the weather!) and lounging on the front porch or one of the several back decks, reveling in the coastal tranquility of our island idyll.

Watching the transformation of the Inn has been super exciting...Luckily, I took lots of photos when we initially bought the Inn, so it's easy to go back and see the complete transformation of each room, as it's finished. This is particularly useful when you feel like you're not making any progress and frustration is setting in - a quick glimpse of the pre-reno photos is an awesome reminder of how far we have come, despite our setbacks and the delays caused by Covid19.

Thought you might like some before and after pics...

Before and After - Guest Lounge
Before and After - Reception Area
Before and After - Bodie Suite
Before and After - Seaside Suite
Before and After - Front Porch & Back Decks

One of the things I'm most excited about, is making The Atlantic Inn a destination for all sorts of events - weddings, reunions, celebrations, retreats, life coaching workshops, seminars, special interest weekends/breaks, holiday parties...and much more!

The Inn is perfect for events - The main-floor guest Lounge/Dining area has new carpets and decor, baby grand piano, 75in TV, cozy lounge seating around a gas log fire, configurable dining spaces, renovated restroom and access to the back decks, patio and grounds, an ideal entertaining space that can be booked either on its own, or as part of a package with accommodation.




With 10 guest bedrooms/suites, a main floor guest lounge/dining room, large, equipped kitchen, gift shop, 2nd floor library lounge, furnished front porch, multiple furnished back decks, patio area and lawns, make the Inn a great destination option.

Event packages are completely customizable dependent on your needs - from booking the guest Lounge for a few hours for a celebration, to having the entire Inn to you and your guests for several days...we'll be able to accommodate your event needs.

Morning Stroll on Hatteras beach

So, whether it be a stress-free, relaxing weekend break to reconnect with your senses, a family vacation, some much needed beach-time or to host/attend an event being held at The Atlantic Inn, you can be sure of one thing, we will do absolutely everything we can to ensure you have a truly wonderful experience in our unique, historical Inn.

That's all for now, it's time to take Bailey and Bodie to the beach for a stroll, and then back to the inn to watch another incredible Hatteras sunset 😊

Sunset at the Inn

Until next time, stay safe and well...and remember to take the time to have some fun!

Take care,


PS. Thought you might like to see our first "Christmasing" of the Inn

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