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Ocean Moods...

It’s easy to love a beautiful sunrise…..but you know you are a true beach person when you’re just as exhilarated and awestruck by the ocean’s beauty, when the wind is blowing the sand all around you and clouds mask the sunrise…still loving my “Atlantic Life

This morning was a little different from the incredible sunrise I was mesmerized by yesterday, on the Ocracoke ferry.... I had a bit of a climb up the steps to the beach today.

Although it wasn’t any less beautiful….just stunning in a different way, a raw powerful beauty that was quite magnificent!

These almost look like paintings...Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in the distance

It wasn't just my hair the wind was blowing around - the shells and stones on the beach looked incredible

Well, I'm off for now, we're waiting on a plumber, as unfortunately one of the water heaters has decided to break down....just another day in the life of innkeepers of an almost 100 year old inn. It's not all sunrises and walks on the beach 😊

Until next time,



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