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We're Planning a Fabulous Fall at the Atlantic Inn...

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

With Fall now officially in the air, we wanted to take the opportunity to remind you that Hatteras is not just a summer fact, some find this the best time of year to visit.

Gone are the crowds, the long wait lines at restaurants, the super busy beaches, and intense heat of the summer months.

Here in Hatteras, we are left with the beautiful, peaceful serenity, that we know and love 💗

As the temperatures are still in the mid 70's-80's and the clear blue waters are still warm, it's a great time of year for activities. Perhaps some relaxing paddle-boarding or kayaking, in the Pamlico Sound's shallow waters. Cycling is an awesome way to see the island....and, as we are at sea-level, no nasty hills for those that prefer to cruise.

If you're the more adventurous type, Hatteras is one of the best places in the world to kiteboard and windsurf! We even have a suite designed with you in mind - "Windchaser" which has a bedroom, bathroom, sitting/dining/kitchen area, and private access onto the back decks for easy access to outdoor shower and equipment rinsing area.

The Windchaser Suite

For the nature lover, the birdwatching opportunities are bountiful, being on the gulf stream migratory path ensures that there is always plenty to see. The marshlands of the Pamlico Sound are home to many different species of animal, mammal, and fish. Hatteras offers a pretty unique environment and terrain, for both plant and wildlife, and has long been a favorite destination for environmentalists.

Of course, a discussion about Hatteras activities wouldn't be complete without mentioning our incredible fishing. Hatteras has been a fishing "mecca" for many fact "The Atlantic Inn" was built as a hunting and fishing hotel almost a hundred years ago, when it was then called "The Atlantic View Hotel". In recent years the hotel had been renamed "The Seaside Inn", but when we bought it eighteen months ago, one of the first things we did, was to go back to the original name of the hotel, minus the word "View". When it was built in 1928, the hotel did indeed have an Atlantic view, but now, with so many large houses built on the oceanfront, and the vegetation at the back of the inn increasing in size and density, you can no longer see the Atlantic Ocean from here - hence the dropping of the word "View" from the name. So, we are now just "The Atlantic Inn".

Charter boats leave the marinas and docks of Hatteras throughout the year, from inshore trips lasting a few hours, to day-long excursions to the Gulf Stream. The Surf fishing on our beaches is awesome (or so I'm told....I have yet to try, I'm leaving that to JB for now, I prefer to windsurf 😊), and kayak fishing is also extremely popular - JB is giving this a go - one of our close friends that lives on the island is showing JB the ropes, so to speak. And bait and tackle stores are abundant on the island for when you want to treat yourself to some new fishing gear!

JB having fun fishing 😊

If you're just seeking a peaceful getaway, and don't want to expel all your energy on the activities above, why not head to the beach with a picnic, which we will be happy to make up for you.

For the adventurous who need a backpack picnic....

To the romantic, who prefer a more traditional wicker basket picnic...

Then you can sit back, relax, and listen to the surf. The dolphins may even put on a show for you! Stroll on deserted beaches and try your luck at shelling, you'll find some of the most beautiful shells here on the Outer Banks, and they'll make a wonderful keepsake from your island escape 😊

For the historians amongst us, you will be spoiled for choice - with over 2000 wrecks along our coastline, there are even remnants of ships on our beaches that can be seen, dependent on the tides and shifting sands. From stories of pirates to battleships, civil wars to The Titanic, all can be found in interesting displays at "The Graveyard of The Atlantic" museum in Hatteras Village, which is open all year round.

Flambeau wreck on Hatteras Beach

Flambeau wreck on Hatteras beach

As a writer, I like to think about the creative visitors we have spending time in Hatteras - Having travelled all over the world, I think Hatteras is one of the most unique, naturally beautiful, and magical places I have ever seen (I still have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming...and that I actually, really do live here all the year round 🥰).

If you are an artist, photographer, writer or musician, Hatteras will have a special allure to you. When you're here, you feel closer to nature, it's so easy to be "present", and at one with the environment - whether your writing, composing, sketching, painting, or taking photographs, it's a magically creative place.

Of course, there is always the option to spend time around the inn - laze in the library with a cafe-latte or a pot of English tea and read your favorite book. Curl up on the leather sofa with a comfy throw, eat popcorn and watch a movie on the 75in TV, or pop a soft blanket around your shoulders, and sit on a rocking chair on the back deck for a while, just enjoying the serenity,

Or perhaps, you'd like to book a massage with one of our wonderful, local massage therapists, who will come to the inn for your consultation.

Whether you've had a day full of fun and activities, or a relaxing day at the beach, on your return to the inn, you'll find an oasis of coziness and comfort awaiting you.

Unwind in the main guest lounge with a glass of wine and some home-made Scottish shortbread (my Grandma's recipe) or chill out in the library lounge with a book or magazine...perhaps even a game of scrabble.

Why not have a romantic date on the beach with your significant other, after dark....with a bonfire, a picnic supper, and only the sound of the ocean for company....does it get any better than this?

Meanwhile, back at the inn, we'll be toasting marshmallows at the firepit, to make some yummy smores to go with our mugs of hot chocolate.

And when it's time to turn in, you'll find sumptuous comfy suites and rooms....where you can relax some more....and drift off into a restful sleep, knowing that there will be a delicious breakfast ready for you in the morning....and you won't have to do a thing 😊

Well, that's all for's getting a little windier, so I'm off windsurfing - unless of course JB wants to go fishing, and then it will be rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to go play, and who will be the adult and remain at the inn 😉

Until next time,

Take care,



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Pam & JB
Pam & JB
Sep 27, 2021

Thanks Lu....we miss you and Pru, hope we see you again sometime soon 😊


LuEllen Huntley
LuEllen Huntley
Sep 24, 2021

The coolest yet! Prudence and I must get back to The Atlantic Inn. I hope stars align.

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